Why Smuggled Chicken is Bad for You and Your Family

Smuggled Frozen Chicken

Chicken is a beloved protein in Nigeria, but did you know that some of the cheap frozen chicken available might be putting your health at risk? Smuggled chicken, brought in illegally without proper checks, can be a ticking time bomb of health hazards.

Why Smuggled Chicken is Dangerous:

  • Formalin Fears: Smugglers often use formalin, a chemical used to preserve bodies, to keep the chicken “fresh.” This chemical can cause serious health problems like cancer, liver damage, and respiratory issues. Imagine eating a “preserved” chicken – not exactly a recipe for good health!
  • Unsafe Journey: Smuggled chicken travels hidden, often in unsanitary conditions, exposing it to harmful bacteria and diseases. These can make you sick, leading to food poisoning and other illnesses.
  • Quality Concerns: Without proper inspections, there’s no guarantee of the quality of smuggled chicken. It could be old, unhealthy, or even contain harmful chemicals.

Choose the Healthy, Local Alternative:

Instead of risking your health with smuggled chicken, opt for locally bred and processed options. Here’s why:

  • Safer and Healthier: Local chicken is raised and processed under stricter regulations, minimizing the risk of contamination, and ensuring better quality.
  • Supports Local Farmers: By choosing local chicken, you support Nigerian farmers and contribute to the economy.
  • More Options: Local farms offer a variety of breeds and cuts, allowing you to choose what best suits your taste and budget.

Start Your Own Mini-Poultry Farm:

If you have the space, consider starting a small poultry farm! For instance, Noiler Birds are excellent for backyard rearing and can provide your family with fresh eggs and meat and even generate some income.

Trusted Brands Like Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd:

For guaranteed quality and safety, choose reputable brands like Amo Farm. We offer Noiler Day-Old Chicks you can raise at home or processed chicken in various packages.

Remember: The “cheap” thrill of smuggled chicken can come at a high price – your health. Choose local, choose healthy, and choose wisely!

Source of image: Independent Nigeria