What We Do

What We Do

Noiler is a valuable tool for improving rural protein consumption and creating a sustainable source of income for rural women in Africa. We are passionate about tackling malnutrition and empowering women.

We Do This By

Making Noiler Easily Accessible to Poultry Farmers

We hatch new Noiler day-old chicks every week from our hatchries. These Day Old Chicks are then made available to Mother Units. We also offer extension services via our Farmer Satisfaction Representatives to ensure that they can take care of their birds after purchase.

Empowering Women and Other Vulnerable Rural Dwellers

We provide training, technical support, and access to financing to farmers. This helps them to start and grow their own Noiler poultry businesses. We believe that women are essential to the fight against hunger and poverty, improving family nutrition, and we are particularly committed to supporting them.


We are committed to conducting research on Noiler and other poultry breeds. This research helps us to improve the quality and productivity of our birds, and it also helps us to develop new services that will be valuable to poultry farmers. We use data driven insights to come up with innovative solutions.

Our offerings

What we do

Mother Unit Farmers

to small-holder poultry farmers. Mother units typically run medium to large-scale operations and have the expertise ...

Small Holder Farmers

A Noiler small holder farmer is someone who raises Noiler birds in their backyard for personal consumption and for ...

Day Old Chick Sales

Thank you for your interest in our Noiler Day-Old Chicks. We are pleased to inform you that we hatch Noiler Day-Old ...

We are passionate about tackling malnutrition
and empowering women

We are passionate about tackling malnutrition and empowering women