Noiler Rural Sensitisation

Noiler rural sensitisation is a critical step in educating rural communities about the benefits of starting their own Noiler farms, either as smallholder farmers or as mother units. Through rural film shows, door-to-door family visits, health center visits, community gatherings, and markets, we reach a wide range of people and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about starting Noiler farms.

One of the key messages we emphasize during these sensitisation activities is the importance of protein nutrition and the role Noiler farming can play as an income generator for the whole family.

By implementing Noiler rural sensitisation activities, we can help to ensure that rural communities have the knowledge and resources they need to start Noiler farming. This can lead to improved economic opportunities for farmers, as well as increased access to fresh, nutritious Noiler eggs and meat for consumers.

Noiler Rural Sensitisation is carried out by our Farmer Satisfaction Representatives (FSRs) that offer support in terms of sales, training, extension services, and after sales support for our small holder farmers, mother units, and distributors.