Small Holder Famers

A Noiler Small Holder Farmer is an individual who raises Noiler birds in their backyard for personal consumption and for small-scale business. Backyard Noiler farming can be a sustainable and profitable way to produce protein (eggs and meat) for families and communities.

Small Holder Farmers get their 5-week-old Noiler birds from mother units and raise both male and female birds until maturity. At 16 weeks, the male birds are ready for consumption or sale, and from 20 weeks, the females begin to lay eggs, which the farmers can consume or sell.

There are many benefits to backyard Noiler farming for smallholder farmers. It can:

  • Provide a source of affordable protein for families and communities.
  • Improve household nutrition.
  • Create jobs and income opportunities.
  • Reduce poverty.
  • Improve food security.
  • Promote environmental sustainability.

In Africa, women are the major participants in small-scale poultry farming, and they play a critical role in ensuring food security and nutrition for their families and communities. Noiler farming is well suited for women who are often responsible for small-scale poultry farming in Africa.

Noiler farming allows Small Holder Farmers to make a net profit of at least 30% after consuming half of their eggs and meat with their families, which we strongly recommend. Women make up half of the population in most communities, and when they are empowered, they are more likely to invest in their children’s education and health, which has a positive impact on the next generation. About 64% of our  Small Holder Farmers are women, and we hope to keep increasing that percentage as we scale across the African continent.